Benefits of Enrollment

Benefits of Enrollment at UIL

  • You are honored as the most powerful player in your learning process.
  • You design your own course work and degree program.
  • You choose your own teachers, academic materials, and style of expression.
  • You receive personalized, ongoing attention from your own university provost.
  • You draw on the resources of the world’s biggest campus: your community.
  • You receive credit for on-the-job training, independent study, tutorials, workshops and seminars, religious studies, and all other relevant life experience, in addition to receiving credit for course work completed at other universities.
  • You enjoy the financial ease of affordable enrollment fees made possible by UIL’s nonprofit status.
  • You can take advantage of year-round enrollment to fit your personal and professional needs.
  • You have an extended period of time to complete your degree without incurring additional fees.
  • You are supported by the strength of an internationally respected university that is deeply rooted in the founding tenets of alternative education.

Things You WON’T Find at UIL

  • Grades.
  • Required courses.
  • Discrimination of any kind.
  • Scheduling conflicts, because you create your own schedule.
  • Rules about how you express yourself.
  • Exorbitant tuition fees.
  • Overly inflexible time limits for degree completion.
  • Unnecessary paperwork–only what’s absolutely essential.
  • Open to the experience of a university that will deepen–not dampen–your dreams. Give yourself the opportunity to validate your life learning in the context of a self-designed program that is based on your background of experience, your unique needs, and your personal career and educational goals.

Discover the difference of UIL as a cutting-edge, internationally recognized university that honors interdisciplinary and community-based learning, intellectual creativity, personal life experience, human diversity, and self-directed study within a context of trust, mutual respect, and spiritual freedom.

Celebrate the support of a university where love of life meets love of learning, where the individual comes first, and where the traditional stumbling blocks to higher education are removed so you can achieve your desired level.