Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)

The University for Integrative Learning serves a spiritual learning community in ways consistent with humanistic educational philosophy and psychology. UIL places individuals at the center of their own learning processes in relation to all aspects of life.

Required Minimum: 30+ semester units

  1. Supply UIL with official transcripts from other institutions for all graduate courses and any special learning or certificates to be evaluated for course credit.

  2. Submit a master’s degree transcript from another college or indicate that a master’s has been completed at UIL.
  3. Provide evidence of completion of at least three academic years of graduate study (including the MA) beyond the bachelor level.

  4. Complete 90+ semester units of graduate course credit, inclusive of master’s degree. Most transcripts reflect far in excess of 90 graduate units of learning.

  5. Complete a Major Study (Creative Dissertation). UIL requires that the last two semesters of enrollment be devoted to completing the major study. No credit for learning is assessed during this period. Include a 300+ word abstract of your major study.

  6. Inclusion of Courses. Although we do not award semester units for the major study itself, you may select up to five courses whose content in the major study can be identified as distinct courses. Credit will be awarded when courses are submitted with relevant course essays. These courses are recorded on the transcript before the last two semesters of enrollment.