Masters of Arts (M.A.)

UIL is community based, where your own community is the “campus”, with no other residency requirements at any UIL campus. Learners design their entire program. UIL is an assessment university that assesses an individual’s...
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Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)

The University for Integrative Learning serves a spiritual learning community in ways consistent with humanistic educational philosophy and psychology. UIL places individuals at the center of their own learning processes in relation to all...
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What Is the University for Integrative Learning?

The University for Integrative Learning (UIL) is the latest generation of a pioneering effort in alternative higher education that began in 1968. UIL interfaces with AIWP, a religious organization, and follows its philosophy and values while maintaining a completely nonsectarian perspective. From its beginning, AIWP has fostered innovative educational programs that promote its philosophy and values.

The University for Integrative Learning is devoted to personal wholeness and the educational freedom that comes from honoring each individual’s uniqueness within the context of lifelong learning. If you are excited by the prospect of a degree program that upholds these ideals, then UIL is the right choice for you.

Student Testimonial

The University is Person-centered

“The University is Person-centered in its truest meaning, and it embodies the spirit and philosophy so poignantly stated in my father’s book, Freedom to Learn for the 80’s (Carl Rogers). I have been a self-motivated person all my life, initiating workshops and training programs, and establishing the Person Centered Expressive Therapy Institute. I appreciate that - Read More

--Natalie Rogers, Ph.D.

UIL fit my values

“In the fourteen years since I received my master’s degree, I authored eight books and seven elementary curriculum manuals. It felt highly appropriate and timely to get my doctorate in order to celebrate these accomplishments, but I wanted to do it in a manner that fit my own values. I chose an AIWP sponsored university - Read More

--Lucia Capacchione, Ph.D.